Your journey is beyond the geographic boundaries of our 28 states and 7 union territories. It is one of exploring beliefs and garnering insights. Inspired by this, this unique programme has been designed to stimulate you with not just information and knowledge, but also opportunity to gain insight.

The programme commences with a Management Training Module in IFMR, Chennai followed by the .Journey to Bharat. amidst the Nilgiri Hills; where you will learn to apply the management fundamentals and techniques learnt.

As an ICICI Fellow, you will be immersed into the vast expanses of this nation in order to imbibe in you an experiential learning that is beyond any classroom. In these 2 years, there will be 4 interspersed ‘journeys’ – the Niligiris in South India, followed by journeys to the North East, the Himalayas and the Thar Desert.

An understanding of the nation’s myriad communities and rich multiplicity will not be achieved only through case studies discussed in the comfort of an air-conditioned classroom, but by actually living their life alongside them. Hence, in addition, to the ‘journeys’, the basic tenure of this fellowship consists of a total of 21 months (in 4 terms), where you will placed in a credible Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) / NGOs which will be located anywhere in semi-urban or semi-rural India. You may also be deployed at multiple branches of the same NGO in different locations.

All in all, the entire country will be your playground, as effective change can only be brought about on the strength of a thorough understanding of underlying differences and incredible diversity.