These are exciting times we live in; where the world’s eyes are riveted on India. In all spheres -socio-economic and political, we are considered as one of the few nations who have an immense potential which is in the process of being realised.

A potential of having the largest young population in the world by 2020, as well as the prospective next billion consumers globally, and most importantly the underlying growth potential and promise that arises from India’s incredible diversity. With the co-existence of paradoxes such as, the largest number of billionaires as well as 400 million undernourished children in our country, the challenge in near future is Inclusive Growth.

For an inclusive growth we need to have energetic and innovative leaders who can lead with sensitivity and enable growth for all in India.

If you are an achiever and want to do something that will change the world around you, this is for you.

Created to nurture and catalyse India’s best leadership talent, we have introduced a professional leadership programme – the ICICI Fellows.

Not just a training programme, this is a transformative experience. Focusing on personal coaching, mentorship, experiential modules, hands-on training, in addition to management training; this pioneering programme provides you with information, knowledge & more importantly – an insight into social dynamics.

If you are keen on stretching your vision, challenging your present beliefs and are willing to take on this challenge, join us in this journey towards a progressive India.

Take the Bigger Step.